The First Turnabout: Part 23 - September 25th, 2015, 12:00 pm
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[Posted by Nirvana star on September 24th, 2015, 3:09 pm]

It has to be a pain to record your voice for every single time it could possibly be.

Or you could just record seperate parts and mix and match them together for every time.

All that I´m saying is, considering the one who made it, this is a pretty amazing piece of technology.


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[Posted by Ultimate Yoshi on September 25th, 2015, 12:19 pm]

The "crick" sound effect just makes me think that you have to twist the neck to get it to say the time.

I have a very gruesome imagination.


[Posted by Shadow_Da_Hedgie on September 15th, 2017, 3:53 pm]

I just realized something.

Even if you were to entertain the thought that Sahwit didn't do it... that outburst about how Larry did it would bring up questions about Sahwit having a grudge against Larry for some reason. So you could probably get the testimony thrown out on the basis that the witness' bias is affecting his testimony.

Then all you need to do is to prove that Larry didn't do it, which would be easy, considering Payne has no concrete evidence that Larry DID do it, other than that the victim was seeing other women, which, as Phoenix pointed out earlier, Larry had no idea of, and that Larry had visited the apartment earlier. But Payne wouldn't be able to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that Larry did it, considering the statue doesn't have any fingerprints and that no-one who can be trusted to give an unbiased testimony saw him.

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